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The grass family includes some of the most important plant species on the planet

The plants include farewell-to-spring (Clarkia amoena), western yarrow (Achillea millefolium var. occidentalis), mountain bromegrass (Bromus marginatus), among others.

City of Surrey Recognized for Award Winning Pollinator Meadow

The City of Surrey has received a ‘Greener Greenspace’ recognition from the Society of Urban Land Care (SOUL) for Edgewood Park’s pollinator meadow. According to the City of Surrey press release, “the award recognizes the City’s commitment to ecological practices in caring for the space in a way that increases biodiversity values, supports plant and soil health, protects air and water quality, takes steps to minimize waste and energy consumption, [and] avoids the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.”

Premier Pacific Seeds Ltd congratulates the City of Surrey on the achievement and the creation of Edgewood park (2284 165 St). Premier Pacific Seeds Ltd would like to thank the City of Surrey for selecting Premier Pacific Seeds Ltd to supply the native grass and forb mix used in the Edgewood park Project.


80 Day Perennial Ryegrass Drought Test

In early spring of 2021, a customer of Premier Pacific Seeds, whom is based on Denman Island, applied the Premier Ryegrass Overseeding blend to their lawn. The blend was comprised of all new generation perennial ryegrass varieties, some of which are recognized as top perfomers in reduced irrigation and fertility conditions. During an 80 day drought, some of the plants survived with no irrigation, limited moisture, and extremely high temperatures. 


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This photo demonstrates the benefits of using new generation varieties that are selected for drought tolerance and low inputs. Banfield and Thrive are some of the top ALIST perennial ryegrass varieties available from Premier Pacific Seeds Ltd. 

New Seed Varieties

We are always looking for new, better-performing seed varieties for our customers. This year, we will be bringing in Quickdraw Annual Ryegrass. It is a quick germinating variety, perfect for winter overseeding or any use where high quality, rapid turf cover is required. Quickdraw features finer leaf texture, darker green colour and improved turf quality over older varieties of turf-type annual ryegrasses. Quickdraw is excellent for sports turf repairs, especially in late fall or winter due to its ability to germinate in low soil temperatures.

Chafer Grub Damage and Solutions

The European Chafer Beetle is an invasive insect species first discovered in New Westminster in 2001. Since its initial discovery, it has spread throughout Metro Vancouver cities causing significant damage
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Choosing Native grass mixes

The best-case scenario for any disturbed site is the restoration of the native ecosystem using only native plant species; but is that achievable? In recent years, seed of native grass
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