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The grass family includes some of the most important plant species on the planet

We recognize the environmental, aesthetic & functional gains grass creates

We specialize in providing viable custom grass seed mixes to suit the unique geography and environments of British Columbia.  Whether a client calls for a low growing turf grass mix in Victoria, a Ministry of Transportation mix for the East Kootenay region, or a high elevation native seed mix for Northern BC, we will provide a mix to suit their needs.

Seed Availability

BC’s mild temperatures this winter has also occurred in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, where the bulk of the agronomic and turfgrass seed is produced. Temperatures (degree day numbers) were above historical averages for January. The lack of freezing weather has allowed vole populations to thrive, along with insects and slugs. Vole crop damage in 2020 has been catastrophic in many fields and numerous farmers predict the problem will be even worse in 2021. Farmers continue to consider switching out of grass seed production to other crops like nursery stock and hazelnuts.

Perennial Ryegrass seed is in particularly short supply, and some varieties will no longer be available once current supplies run out. Other species that are used as a substitute for turf-type Perennial Ryegrass are also experiencing stronger pricing as demand increases. As a result, look for generally stronger prices in 2021.

New Seed Varieties

We are always looking for new, better-performing seed varieties for our customers. This year, we will be bringing in Quickdraw Annual Ryegrass. It is a quick germinating variety, perfect for winter overseeding or any use where high quality, rapid turf cover is required. Quickdraw features finer leaf texture, darker green colour and improved turf quality over older varieties of turf-type annual ryegrasses. Quickdraw is excellent for sports turf repairs, especially in late fall or winter due to its ability to germinate in low soil temperatures.

Chafer Grub Damage and Solutions

The European Chafer Beetle is an invasive insect species first discovered in New Westminster in 2001. Since its initial discovery, it has spread throughout Metro Vancouver cities causing significant damage to lawns, fields, parks and other areas.
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Choosing Native grass mixes

The best-case scenario for any disturbed site is the restoration of the native ecosystem using only native plant species; but is that achievable? In recent years, seed of native grass species has become more readily available allowing the option of sowing native grass and forb seed, as opposed to seed of introduced species, for restoration projects in British Columbia. There are challenges however to achieving this goal and there may be factors that make introduced species more feasible in certain situations.
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