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Clay Products

MVP calcined clay is a high-quality top dressing material for both baseball infields and sports fields. Turface absorbs up to 90% of its weight in water, which prevents rain delays and provides a smooth, non abrasive surface that is safe for players of all ages. Turface doesn’t compact when under heavy traffic and retains soil nutrients making it great for use on sand-based sports fields. Turface has many applications and can even be used in hanging baskets and greenhouse soil blends to improve nutrient retention and reduce irrigation frequency.

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Field & Fairway is ideal for heavy traffic areas near goals and soccer fields. Its uniform particle size makes it perfect for new field construction, topdressing and infilling aerated fields. It is available in natural and emerald green to blend in with the colour of sports turf.

Pro League Red is the finer screened cousin of Turface MVP. The clay particles are more uniform which improves playability and comes in Pro League Red which makes championship fields look their best. Pro League is used on many infields in MLB.

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Greens grade field conditioner is the optimum choice for conditioning sand-based sports turf or golf greens. Its uniform particle size makes it ideal for new field construction, topdressing and infilling aerated fields. Greens grade has been shown to significantly reduce drought stress and watering frequency on golf greens due to its ability to retain moisture. It holds air, water and nutrients at the root zone and drains better than sand and sand/peat blends.

Quick dry is made up of fine particles which make it the perfect choice for quickly clearing up puddles and mud on skinned infields. After rainfall, just dump, rake off and it’s game on!

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Mound clay is engineered to deliver long-lasting performance. It is durable with a high-level of elasticity making it ideal for shaping mounds. Available in red.

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MoundMaster 100% virgin clay blocks deliver long-lasting performance.  Their pliable construction and ideal size make them perfect for building the pitcher’s mound and the batter and catcher’s boxes. Blocks are 2.5” x 4” x 8” and come packaged as eight block sets in water tight bags to retain moisture.

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