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Forage Seed

Forage Seed

Whether you are overseeding a pasture, or making hay or silage, Premier Pacific Seeds has forage seed varieties that will provide optimum performance. The unique geography and micro-climates of BC requires specially formulated forage blends. Premier Pacific Seeds works with a network of dealers in British Columbia who live in your area and know your land.  Please call us to find a dealer near you who can aim to maximize yield and the nutritional needs of your animals.

For our wholesale customers we carry two blends to fit a variety of forage needs.  Our blends are specifically formulated with the health of your animals in mind.  Our forage blends do not contain varieties that could produce a grass stand that is infected with fungal endophytes.  Endophytes, which are an internal plant fungus, can produce bioactive compounds (alkaloids) that can be detrimental to grazing livestock.  Tall Fescue and Perennial Ryegrass pastures should be planted to endophyte-free or novel endophyte varieties only.  These forage blends can be sown with the confidence that animal health is always considered when blends are formulated for this purpose.

A well balanced, high quality pasture mix for both horses and sheep in Coastal BC. This blend does not contain legumes which can be added if requested.

  • 25% Tall Fescue (Zero Endophyte)
  • 25% Tetraploid Perennial Ryegrass
  • 20% Creeping Red Fescue
  • 5% Orchardgrass
  • 10% Timothy
  • 5% Kentucky Bluegrass 

Seeding Rate: 30 – 44 lb per acre | 33.6-50 kg per hectare

A premium quality blend of Tall Fescue and Orchardgrass suitable for pasture, hay or silage.

  • 70% Tall Fescue (Zero Endophyte)
  • 30% Orchardgrass

Seeding Rate: 30 – 44 lbs per acre | 33.6-50 kg per hectare

Premier Pacific Seeds Ltd. reserves the right to change seed mixtures.

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