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Hydraulic Erosion Control Products (HECP)

Hydraulic Erosion Control Products

NEW! Verdyol Biotic Earth™ Soil Amendment

Verdyol Biotic Earth™ is designed to achieve successful vegetation when used as a topsoil or compost alternative, or where existing soils are less than ideal. Verdyol Biotic Earth™ is made with sustainably harvested Canadian sphagnum peat moss, natural fibers, mycorrhizal fungi, beneficial bacteria, and natural growth stimulants to allow vegetation to thrive.

Hydraulically applied at a rate of approximately 3,500 lbs. per acre, Verdyol Biotic Earth™ accelerates the nutrient cycling and soil building processes to establish permanent vegetation.

Wood Fiber Mulch


Wood Fiber Mulch – Profile mulch unavailable until further notice

Profile Products

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