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Verdyol Biotic Soil

Hydraulically applied soil amendment – an organic approach

Verdyol Biotic Soil (BSA) is a hydraulically applied soil amendment, designed to achieve successful vegetation establishment when used as a topsoil where existing soils are less than ideal. Verdyol BSA accelerates the nutrient cycling and soil building processes to establish permanent vegetation while improving moisture holding capacity and organic matter content.

Verdyol BSA is a proudly Canadian made product made of sustainably harvested Canadian spaghnum peat moss, flax fibers, mycorrhizal fungi, beneficial bacteria, and natural growth stimulants to help soil come alive and allow vegetation to thrive. The carbon: nitrogen (C:N) ratio tests out at 29:1 +/- 2 with a pH of 7.0, which creates ideal conditions for plant virility and soil building.

Verdyol BSA exceeds ASTM standards for thickness ASTM D6525, ground cover ASTM D6567, and water holding capacity ASTM 7367. 

Benefits of Verdyol Biotic Soil:

  • Included on the BC MOTI and Alberta Transportation approved products list under Flexible Growth Medium and Soil Amendments.
  • Significantly increases soil water holding capacity, which is essential for seed germination.
  • Reintroduces the “missing piece” of microbial soil life – the real difference between dirt and soil!
  • Same application rate of 3,500 lbs. per acre regardless of slope and organic matter content.
  • Saves money and time compared to buying and spreading topsoil especially on difficult to access sites.
  • Faster project closeouts as hydroseed contractors can apply Verdyol and wood fibre mulch.
  • Weed and seed free formula ensures only desirable species grow on your site.


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